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So many flavors to try! So many bubble's to burst!

We are here to serve you the best boba! Boba is life and Equali-tea is everything! We make drinks as unique and juicy as you are! 

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Equali-tea, Diversi-tea, Conservation

Inspired by a passion and love of the human design. We are strategically located in gathering places where people from all walks of life gather. We can be found at farmer's market's, college campuses and even at your private celebration. Currently you can find us at Niabi Zoo, and will be announcing a few more locations. If you are interested in having us vend your location please email

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Bubble’s Boba Tea is an opportunity for you to walk into a place where you are seen for every juicy and unique quality that is yours! We welcome you to a world where we create drinks specific to you and your exquisite taste. At Bubble’s Boba Tea we love and celebrate equali-tea, diversi-tea, and conservation. We are a food truck meets bubble (boba) tea entity. We can roll up in our unique pink trailer and serve up some great boba tea's or we can set-up at your local college, event-center or community favorite hang out spot. 

We do bubble tea's, food and most importantly we put you first. We express  and diversity through food and drink. We will always promote and celebrate all the beautiful shapes, color’s and experiences of the people we are serving. Human design is so special to us. We believe everyone is handi-cabable and belongs. 

Bubble’s Boba Tea wants to adapt to the specifications which are most unique to your environment.   We have sample menus and our creative team can create drinks and food that reflect your region, multi-cultural community, campus or event center. We have concessions with quality options, and we have flavor and personality in every drink and dish we serve. 

Bubble’s Boba Tea is a minority owned business, I am a Latina woman who is part of the lgbtq+ community. I own and lead with pride. We see you, all of you and we want you to be one of our loyal “Bubble Heads!” Come Bubble with us at a Bubble’s Boba Tea near you!

For more information on we can bring a Bubble’s Boba Tea to your concession’s you can email

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Starting April 17, 2023 you can get Bubble's Saturday-Sunday 10am-4:30pm at Niabi Zoo! Check back for more Quad-City location's

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